Monday, November 1, 2010

November first

Seriously? It's the first day of November? Where did the days go? How come when you wanted the time to slow down, all the more it gets faster? 

I welcomed the month of November by sleeping the whole morning. Supposedly, we're going to the Chinese Cemetery with my mama's family but I didn't go with them. So I was alone in the house until Yellow Hauz opened by 1pm. I thought it would be fun since I always wanted a privacy but it ends up feeling lonely the whole day. Bummer!

I thought I could blog the whole day but unfortunately, I couldn't find my card reader so I can't transfer my photos to my laptop. Another unfortunate thing is my new toy, magic trackpad, wouldn't work with my OS. I'm not sure if I needed the Leopard OS but I can't update my software to 10.6 {so I guest that's the Leopard version}. Plus my cursor has a mind of its own today, its moving on a different direction everytime I type, so it's very inconvenient. Another bummer! {Hmmm... come to think of it, it's a scary day, mmm... oooh}

Anyway, I know I'm a bit downer today, I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day. Hoping to attract positive vibes... We will also visit my papa at the Memorial park tomorrow morning. If you'll see tomorrow, come say hi... 

A sunset photo for a gloomy mood. Taken at the top of the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore


  1. wow miss april uve been to marina bay sands...i love the pic... cant help but to really be excited to be there after our wedding... (hehe.. FC ba.. na excite lng tlga ako when i saw ur blog..) God bless..

  2. Hello Farrah... ooh so the honeymoon is in Marina Bay sands? oooh I'm so jealous... I'm sure you'll have so much fun. See you on your wedding, hope your guest will enjoy the invites and the StudioBooth


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