Sunday, January 16, 2011

Notepads for friends

I can't believe another weekend is about to end. Although, I had another chillin' Sunday, and a social life last night and last Wednesday {woohoo!}. Also done with my few errands and finished some deadlines.

And just this week, my girlfriends finally had our post christmas party at Farfalla Pasta Bar. Although, the group was not complete but we still managed to have fun.

So, I gave a handmade christmas gift for my girlfriends... I made them custom notepads, with their initials and nicknames at the bottom of the sheet.

I was glad that they loved it. They said, it's too pretty to write on it, hehe {that's a funny compliment}. But overall, I'm just glad they appreciate it. 

What did you give to your girlfriends last christmas? 

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