Friday, January 22, 2010


So I've watched the Julie and Julia movie again... and I got sooo inspired with it over and over again... the movie setting was sooo nice... it's vintage of course! and I feel like blogging even more. hahaha...

But what really inspired me about was looking at their books... Well, you see I have a thing with books... I love collecting and reading and browsing them... Whether it's a book about designs, crafts, photography, novels, storybook, cooking, baking, business... all of them! I love the smell of an old book... love to touch the texture of its cover and pages... love looking at them at the book shelves... love arranging them by categories, by names, alphabetical... you name it... bookstores never fail to catch my attention... and I can stay there for hours just checking out the books. (I can even work at the bookstores, since I'm somewhat familiar with the categories...) whatever it is, I just LOVE books sooo much.

Some of them I haven't really read yet, some are not even related to my interests... it's like I was deprived of books when I was young (which I was definitely not, I think I used to hate them before). I remember my papa (who passed away 6 years ago) bought a volume of encyclopedia before and he used to force me and Ms. Vanilla to read every night a single topic, then he would question us what it was about.... it was a torture at that age... but now, I just wish we still have that. But now I would be very much interested to read...

I always dream of having my own library... and I could just sleep there... actually, my house will be just a big library... where you can eat and sleep... hahaha... (kidding!)

Anyway... let me share my mini library (it's just a bookshelf actually, I'm just being ambitious! -It's a free country anyway...) I remember asking my insurance agent if I can insure my books... hahaha (crazy!) But the craziest of it all... remember we had a little renovation in my studio, where I put my mini office, a division from the working area? Well the sole purpose of it all, is to protect my books from anyone passing by my studio! I can't bear looking at my library being exposed to public (I'm a private person, you know... LOL!)

Here's my library... it's not much yet... but one day, it will be loaded with books... I often drop by here before I go home, and check what books to browse for the night... usually, I sleep with books beside me... It's like a bible to me... (excuse my word). Most of my books are about crafts... then about designs, photography. I even downloaded the manual for photoshop, and other softwares, then I bind them... then novels (these books are not on the photo, I have another library in my room, shelf to be exact).

And here's my Julia Child version book, just like in the movie... since I am not a chef or a pastry chef... I'm a crafter... artist by heart! Martha Stewart is my Julia Child!

And here's my project book for this year... if you're an artist, you'll probably like this, it's a compilation book about illustrations, graphic and photos, etc.

So there you go... now you know my addiction... that would be our little secret!


  1. oh i love this blog the most! this really shows the transparency of who you really are april...keep on blogging and one day, you will be collecting your own books in y our own l ibrary! keep it up...this has a lot of soul in it!

  2. hello! you love smelling books? addik. hehehehehe joke lang ateng. anyways. love the blog. keep it up.

  3. Please don't take Miss Vanilla's books ok? hehehehe

  4. why is your library neater than mine?

    ive got plenty of illustration books too, i keep them like my precious treasures..and i keep children's books too..i love find a picture book with cute drawings:)


  5. little mo

    i fixed it a little for picture taking sake... hahaha though its weird that you find it neat cause when i looked at it again its messy... hahaha wow i love childrens book also, but i dont collect much of it... take a photo of your library as well... i wanna see =)

  6. I love, love, love that movie! :) Very aspirational.

  7. so true ria... ive watched it several times already...


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