Friday, January 22, 2010

sweet post-christmas gift

Last week, I went home late... and normally I would passed by my studio before going upstairs (oh by the way, our house is just above our coffee shop - Yellow Hauz. Then our old garage is my studio. We like to maximize our space... lol) So anyway, as I went to my office, there's a red gift on the table... So what-a-girl-gotta-do when she sees a gift? Well, of course I have to check if it's for me... and luckily it was really for me...

So when I looked up the gift tag, to check whom it came from... it says... "Merry Christmas Ateng" (that's my nickname in our house... oops that's for my closest family and friends use only, hehehe) and it came from "Melissa and Joy". They are my assistants... Well technically, Joy works for Portraits... but since their official office as of the moment is my studio... so it can be considered.

They gave me a customized mug! How sweet is that.... (shoutout to Ms. Vanilla: prepare to say ahhhhhh...) they also gave Ms. Vanilla a mug with her logo, and my mama with yellow hauz's logo... these girls are so sweet...

Thank you so much girls... coffee is sweeter... with my customized mug and a customized coaster... =)


  1. it's really very nice! the first time i saw it, i said...ooh...i better have one too! but guess what...I HAVE A BIGGER MUG!!! but no coaster :( can i have some of your nice coasters??? i can have it customized and put my logo on it, right??? I think that would be great!!!

  2. yes I agree with G, it would be better if we have a coaster to match our Beautiful Mug! hehehe =)

  3. hahahaha... sure i'll make you two personalized coasters... P200 only for 1 set... hahaha kidding


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