Thursday, January 21, 2010


I was browsing my archive photos in my laptop when i saw this old invite photos... and guest what i saw? (I bet you wouldn't guest it)

This is my very first invitation. It was for my friend's niece... (my friend's name is cookie). She only wanted a pink design... so since she didn't have any requirements, i took the opportunity to be creative... thus, i came up with a card with wrap around tag and a bag design.

As far as i remember, she liked the invites... =) i saw more archive photos when I was browsing tatang (that's my laptop's name, it means old. That's because I bought it from Portraits and it is 4 years old or so...) Anyway i was thinking of saving them for future blog post. Just in case, i got bump up and tired of taking new photos... (clever ei, hahaha)

As for my new photo background... I was making a polaroid design for Ms. Vanilla's photos. Then when I saw it again on her blog, I got jealous... so I made my own... hahaha but I am still thinking if I should use this for my photos or should i just use the plain one? hmmm... tough decision! lol

By the way, i find my uploaded photos very small... I tried changing it to a large format, but still I find it a bit small compared to other blogs. Does anyone know how to enlarge it even more? Please let me know... it would be very much appreciated... =)

P.S. Ms. Vanilla was so happy with her new photo background and got so excited. So she repost all her photos again upto the oldest one... "goodluck ms. vanilla! lol"

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