Tuesday, January 26, 2010

colors of life...

You've seen some of my layouts, crafts and other things that I love most... but what you haven't seen yet is my photography

In my kind of work... I get drained and stressed out easily... that's why going somewhere is somewhat my escape... I enjoy going in different places specially if it's somewhere far... where all you can see is the green leaves hanging on the trees... the blue clouds giving you a cool wind... the red and pink touch of a lovely flower... the clear water that relaxes your eyes...

alright enough about the "emo" (emotional) feeling... all I wanted to say is... one way that truly helps me relax is the beauty of nature. and I am so glad that I was able to look at them in this angles...

This was taken from Genting Island, Malaysia...

and this was from Buddha, Philippines... (macro shots... oooh how i love close up photography)

Malipano Island, Pearl Farm, Philippines (long exposure)

It's true indeed that the best things in life are free... but taking these photos are surely not a free hobby! lol! But it was all worth it!

And this is me... smile...

I am a nikon baby... and I named it Oris (its a d40). {I like naming my things... my car - Jerry; laptop - Tatang} I do not have the latest cam, But I did bought a nice lens... 18-200 (range of my cam), though considering its not actually a "nice nice" lens, but it suits my needs... specially during coverage shoot.

Photography is such a great thing to learn... whether for your personal fulfillment, or for your business... its a one way to relax your eyes and mind as well...

Hope you liked my photos... =)

P.S. these photos are not edited...


  1. Use the flower shots for your notebook like Cathy said! Hahahaha =)

  2. hahahaha... =p il do it but il give it to you...

  3. oh just beautiful, love the long exposure!


  4. 950.. malapit na to 1000.. weehh..

    bitaw gang super nice ng pics mo.. proud na tlga ako sayo bah.. dati binubully lng kita.. hayy..

    sunod ako naman gawin mong model masmaganda ang output nyan for sure..hahaha

  5. hello eulita... your funny man oi... baka hindi na 1000 viewer hehehe thanks euls sa pag comment... dli lng ko mag comment sa imung suggestion hahaha

  6. great work! loved the macro...the flower...the island...your portrait...oh wait, i loved it all! hahaha...

  7. i think i also have a shot the same as your long exposure in malipano but honestly, your shot is a LOT better than mine... as in 1 is to 10...your shot rates at 10 and one on me....

  8. thank you so much... i've been following your blog... =)

  9. i like the long exposure shot and the photographer! hehehe nice set SP! btw, si darryl toh.

  10. thanks darryl... =) glad you liked it..


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