Sunday, April 11, 2010


I saw an old college friend, Jickong, on one of their flower shops at the mall, Carlins. And we were chatting about business and catching up some stuffs. Then I mentioned that I was into designs, invitations and all that, when he pointed out that her sister is getting married.

Luckily, her sister was also there at their shop, arranging her crafted envelopes for her invites... and we chatted for awhile, talked about printing and design quotations, etc and we exchanged numbers and the rest was history.

So here are the lovely invites that I made for her. Her invites are definitely exact to her motif spring. The paper we used is scented, so it feels like your smelling the sweet scent of the flowers. And oh boy! The studio smelled so good while we were printing and cutting them. Sadly but also gladly, the invites were picked up already. And the studio is back to its vanilla freshener scent.

Oh I hope her invited guests will also enjoy the sweet scent of the invites as they received it...

Oh yeah few days after she asked if she can have a sticker of their monogram for their cupcakes. (oooh sweet give-away... ) I'll post the photo soon after it's all done...


  1. you're so clever! they look so sweet and beautiful!

  2. thanks helena... im excited to check your new items... =)


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