Saturday, January 30, 2010

busy bee!

As much as I wanted to update everyone of you (if there is everyone or only one! lol) I couldn't spare a little time to blog. Just this week, we have to finish a lot of things... which I couldn't believe that we were able to do so. Although, there are still remaining invitations to be finished.

We were so busy that I didn't realize its already weekend and we're still working on a Sunday afternoon. It also came to a point, I had a very unusual headache, that even if I'm wearing my glasses all the time, the pain is still there... I also encountered what I called, Creative Brain Drain! Because some of our clients want it rush (which I don't know why we still accepted it, haha) I couldn't think of any design at all... as in super brain dead! Even my being resourceful, or my trustee books couldn't help.

Here are the things we have to finished just for this week.
[1] 120pcs. 18th birthday invitation
[2] 200pcs. Valentine ticket invitation
[3] a notebook with coaster and a notepad
[4] 30 pcs. (2-day approval) 1st birthday invitation
[5] a notebook with coaster
[6] 150pcs. embossed wedding invites

for Portraits share of work
[1] a Guestbook for a 1st birthday
[2] 3 pcs. planner
[4] guestbook for pre-nup

On top of that... I had meetings in between... a client for a new design, meeting with the directress for a school year book, meeting with suppliers for yellow hauz, then talked to yellow hauz crew, etc... whew!

Then by next week, we will be going to Manila (Portraits- Heintje, Lyn, Macky and me and with Ms. Vanilla and Chiche) for a shoot for a school(graduation class and portraiture). And I will be staying there until February 13 for a Barista Class at Heny's Sison in preparation for a workshop when I come back. (another... whew! what a schedule!)

Not that I'm complaining, because this is somewhat in my wishlish (not to be busy, but to be productive, earn more money!) But somehow, I'm having a hard time balancing it now. But I think I'll be attracting a relax time for now... =)

Here are the photos of some of our projects. I wasn't able to take photos of the others though... but I warn you, it's a bloody messy... hahaha

The ticket invites...

The embossed wedding invites...


  1. gang makapunta ka pa bah sa engagement party ni ena?:( grabe ka busy mo oi.. hinay2x lng..

  2. wow! that was indeed a very busy set of photos! way to go artisan! having a great start of year! woohoo!


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