Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Chill

My dream Sunday... I just stayed in my room, watched movies, surfed the net, ate and slept all day... ahhh I can say "this is life!" {lol}

We just came back from Cagayan de Oro last Friday afternoon, and since we arrived I feel so tired and lazy. Maybe because of the 6hours drive. 

Although, the family trip was fun.  We were full pack in the car. There's me, Mama, Sandy {my sister - Miss Vanilla}, Opet {Ms. Vanilla's boyfriend}, and 2 of mama's friends. We stayed in a very nice house, owned by Karinna {mom's friend daughter}. And I just stayed in the room most of the time {another chill vacation, weeehoo!} 

Ned and Eunice's wedding was lovely. By the way, Eunice is Opet's sister, that's why were invited {hehe, just to kill your curiosity} Again, I was not able to take photos because I didn't bring any camera since Oris {d40} is still broken. And my sister's point and shoot got battery empty. We joined their family dinner, the night before the wedding, and it was so nice to meet Opet's family, they gave us a warm welcome. 

And of course the trip wouldn't be complete without a "shop inspired" photo, right? {That's a traditional thing for me} and this time, I really took a photo from my phone. I couldn't help it. My sister and I would melt in the cuteness of this bread shop. It's Missy Bon Bon Breadshop, it's beside LimKitKai mall. It's like a Taiwan inspired shop. My sister would joke around its a shop where Artisan meets Miss Vanilla. 

This is the entrance door, with their cute missy bon bon icon. 

They have a gelato... weee! They also have sandwiches, pasta, cold drinks. Ahhh you could die of cuteness in here... {lol}

And here we are chilling in their cute tables and chairs. That's Sandy and Opet. 

So now, I'm still on my bed, watching t.v., waiting to close Yellow Hauz in awhile. I'm savoring my chill Sunday because tomorrow is gonna be a start of a busy week... {wooohooo bring it on!} How about you? How was your sunday?

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