Saturday, June 4, 2011

Else Where...

I only started blogging almost two years ago and I never thought I would reach this far... to meet new friends, have followers and readers, inspire other crafters, and my work being admired. But the best of it all, is to be recognized and be featured on the blogs of others.

I truly feel grateful to be part of somebody else's blog. I mean who wouldn't right? Blogging is not as easy as it may looked like and being recognized is an achievement.

Here are the lovely blogs that generously featured my work and blog.

Sweet Tidings - I'm proud to say that Christy is also from the Philippines. And her blog is one of my daily dose of inspirations. Christy loves kawaii products and her blog talks about that and mostly inspiring ideas from paper to fabrics and recipes. I was so happy when she informed me that she included one of my stationery set on her blog post Paper Trail. I believe this is my first product feature.

Paperklip - I found Melinda's lovely blog from my first swap by Calico and Co. She was my partner and gladly she loved the paper goods I've sent her as she mentioned here...  From then on, I was in love with her blog and her work as well. 

iDo Love this - A blog also based here in my city, Farrah, who was just getting married back then. I was so happy that my blog inspired her to create her own. I also had the privilege to design her invitation {which I haven't posted yet} but you can check it from here.

Paper Dreams of Mine and Craftroom Spaces - My very first time to received an email of admiration about my work was from Rochelle. Same with Farrah, I was really glad that my blog inspired her too, but I was more glad to find a friend like her who's also a craft enthusiast. I also had the privilege to design her guest book for her wedding.

Now, she has two blogs, Paper Dreams of Mine is all about her craft with lots of digital freebies. She loves creating cards and she made one specially for me {how sweet is that?}. I just love that she keeps on mentioning me on her blog {thanks so much Rochelle}. The second one is Craftroom Spaces, it's all about tips and ideas for your craft spaces, and my printable Summer flowers was featured there.
Scribbled by Krizann - I held a giveaway last January, and the lucky winner for my was from Kristine, and she post about it on her blog. I can see how she was happy with her vintage calendar and that made me happy as well. 

I can't help smiling and feeling grateful for these people. I never really thought, I would reach this far. I wouldn't have known that someone aside from my sister and friends would read my blog, serioiusly. On the contrary, it was them who inspires me to create more beautiful designs and be better in what I'm doing. Thank you so much for featuring my work in your blog {I think I'm gonna cry now... hihihi}. Happy weekend friends... 


  1. Hi April! Thank you for the blog love! I am also inspired by your cute blog. You are a wonderful, talented artist!

  2. Aww.. So sweet of you to do this! :) Thanks for the inspiration too, Pril! It was you who got me started on blogging and crafting, ya know. ;) Hmm..So I'm still waiting for your studio pixies! hehe Let's feature your studio soon! :)

  3. Forgot to say.. no, Pril, I can't consider a picture of the front of your studio as your studio detail. hehehe Hope you can send me the pics soon!


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