Friday, June 17, 2011

e-Greeting cards for Free!

I had a privilege to design a "e-greeting card" for my friend Rochelle's new website, it's called Let's Make Greeting Cards. A site all about greeting cards... I'm sure you'll find it useful, specially if you love doing things by your hand and add some extra touch.

She listed down the tools and materials you'll be needing, added some quotes for various occasions, and wonderful card designs to choose from. But what I love most is she also has free printables... and this is where I came in, hihihi.

This is totally my first time to collaborate with a fellow crafter and and I'm so happy and excited, all at the same time. So the moment, the e-cards were live, I downloaded from the site right away and printed my own copy, hihi. Since I'm not really not that creative in a non-digital craft, I just added a simple curve on the edge just so to add a little touch to it.
As of the moment we still have 5 designs: Happy Birthday and Father's Day cards. I hope you'll find them useful specially Father's day is almost coming up. You can choose from the 2-designs and add more embellishments on it. The green card was from my last year's printable. You can also add some lovely quotes from the site.
These are the 3-designs to choose from for the Happy Birthday cards. I think real buttons attached on the button cards will really add an extra feel on the card.
I truly feel grateful to be part of this site and more ecstatic to share these cards so you can give them to your love ones. Feel free to add your own creativity from the card. Link them on your site is definitely okay as long as you link it back to the site. Keep coming back soon because there will be more printable cards choose from.


  1. Thanks so much for the feature post, April! And the links too! This is really very sweet of you.. I'm excited for our next batch of cards. :) hehe And you still haven't replied to my email too. Hope to have more partnership projects with you! Thanks again for the beautiful printables!!

  2. The site is currently under construction so hope you guys won't be too surprised to see chaotic site elements every now and then. =) It'll get there! Thanks so much for the support!

  3. I want to download those cards as well. soooo cute! ;-)


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