Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Card to impress

Did I mention that I love designing calling cards? Well, I really do... Specially if the client is open for creativity and unusual design. I can't imagine the possibilities you can make for that small card, but the important thing is it will give an impression to your prospect clients.

I had a privilege to design a photographer's business card. I haven't met her yet, but we have common friends. Can you believe how small the world is? Her name is Ayie and when I saw her photographs, I fell in love with 'em right away. I really admire these kind of photos, the feel of vintage and dreamy. I normally see them from the blogs I read and now I see the same style here in my own city. Which I truly feel proud for some reasons. Go check her photographs on her facebook account so you'll know what I'm talking about. But here are some of her lovely photos. 

I came up with two business card designs that also suits her photography. The circle shape was her idea and from there, I did my style with the inspiration of her photos of course... {did I mention her photos are really beautiful? lol}. I used one of her photos for the Design 1, and for the Design 2, I made it clean, simple and chic with the plaid and 1 color tone.
She chose Design 2 and here's the final output. 
Now don't you just think these cards will make an impression? =)

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