Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet desktop wallpaper

Just recently, I've been addicted to desktop wallpapers. Surprisingly, {I shouldn't be actually, since internet has everything you need, right?} But I was really amazed that there are a lot of generous people who shared their design for wallpapers.

So, my smiles were up to my ears as I see many wonderful wallpaper designs. However, I got so overwhelmed with all the choices that I had a hard time choosing from all of them. I ended up almost everyday, I changed my wallpaper, hehehe...

I have to lessen the choices for you, so you won't have to feel overwhelmed like me, but I'm sure you'll find more after this.

{3} and {8} Simple Desktops via 74 Lime Lane 

I told you so, it's difficult to resist these cute designs. The one from How About Orange was my favorite since it's simple and clean. The color is refreshing too. Did you find your favorite wallpaper too? I would love to know where you got it...

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  1. Everything's so pretty!! My favorite would have to be the one from Fossil. :) I get my desktop wallpapers from She has a free calendar wallpaper every month. I guess I love them because they're scrapbook-themed which is my kind of craft. ;)

    Thanks for this, April!


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