Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mad hatter for Wedding Souvenir

My creativity was challenged again with a little time on the clock. But I realized, I work best under pressure. {If you're like me, raise your hand! Lol} I know it's really a bad attitude, but somehow, the adrenaline rush really pushes me to be more productive. But seriously, that's not a good practice.

Anyhoo... the goal was to make a Mad Hatter souvenir box for a wedding. They will give it as a souvenir for their entourage. The box was approximately 8x9-in. They wanted it big so they can fill it with big goodies too. This was really a challenge for me plus these boxes will be sent out to Manila, so I have to think of something that's detachable.

Thank you adrenaline rush and I was able to find a way how to do that. The hat can be folded but it consists of 4 separate papers attached together. Then the base was a separated and has a bored to support what's inside.

The goodies were just used for props. Those chocolates I got from my swap partners in Swap-bot {Finland chocolates were so yummy}. 

I was really happy that the coordinator, who ordered it thru my multiply account, and the bride loved the design and how it turned out. 

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