Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine cake

Hello there... how's everyone doing? I'm excited because tomorrow we'll be leaving out of town for our yearly shoot. I am hoping I can still blog and update all throughout my trip. But I will not leave you without any DIY for the Valentine season.

So you have a Valentine card for your sweet thoughts, Valentine garland for your decoration, and now let's have a little something on what you can eat on that special day. 

My sister Sandy who owns Miss Vanilla, has this super lovely looking cake made of bouquet. It's like giving your special someone a bouquet but an edible one. Don't you just love that? Well I would. Flowers are sweet but nothing compares with the literal sweetness of this cake right? {Hahaha sorry folks, I have a sweet tooth}. You can check the cake recipe on her blog, so you can try it on your own and experiment on it too. 

But if you're not friends with your oven don't worry that's totally okay {I will not judge you because I know how you feel, lol}. But that doesn't mean you can't have this cake either. If you live in Davao, and you know Coffee at Yellow Hauz at, then you can totally pre-order this cake. That's one easy way to prepare for Valentine's right?

This is a poster design I made for Coffee at Yellow Hauz's cake. I made the design sweet and simple to match the season. What do you think?
Don't forget my back posts to prep you up for the season. Valentine card and Printable garland. And you want to pre-order the Valentine cake from Coffee at Yellow Hauz you can call them at {082} 282.2178 or email:

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