Sunday, February 14, 2010

manila photoshoot/vacation

Been away for almost two weeks... (and I didn't realized how long that was 'til now). So we went to Manila for a class photoshoot in MGC New Life School and I had a Barista class in Heny's Sison.

Yearly, Portraits Unlimited Studio goes to Manila to take graduation and class pictures for MGC school. And there we were again and with more friends this time. We have... Heintje, Lyn, Macky and me, along with us... there's Joy (from Portraits), Che, Sandy and Eric and Hanylene who helped us with the shoot.

Of course, after the 4-day shoot, the trip will not be completed if there's no Fun Trip! So all of us went to Tagaytay just to enjoy!

Here are the photos of us...

After a long day of shoot...

at Sonya's Garden, Tagaytay

Manila for me won't be complete if I didn't visit my ultimate haven... Fully Booked! So... again most of my money went to books and other stuff that really inspires me... shocks!

Here are the photos of the things I bought... most of them are best buy! hahaha =p

From invitation house...
From Chinkygoo


  1. bestest buy is the color palette book!!!

  2. yeah it was really fun and great! and the color palette book. as missvanilla, was the BESTEST buy...hahaha!!! BORROOOOOOW......

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