Thursday, November 11, 2010

Artisan from outside

I thought I'd like to give you a tour outside the studio. You've seen most of our designs that are made inside and now I'm gonna show a little glimpse of the look outside. 

I'm not an interior designer but I was the one who designed my studio. Inspired from a country look and craft stores from Japan {I saw from my books}. I like the texture of wood because it gives warmth and a white paint to pair a cozy look. I just love how my canopy and the plants come together. 


  1. Asa na inyong shop April? Bisita ko pag naa ko sa Davao. :D

  2. Hello Lorra... just beside Yellow Hauz lng... let me know if you can drop by =)

  3. I love your creations. I'll visit your store one of these days. :)


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