Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is my very first embossed invite...

A photographer friend, Ryan had a wedding client, who's still looking for invites and so he referred the groom to be, Albert to Artisan. From our first meeting followed by another. And this time, I met the bride to be, Mutya.

They are the nicest couple... and I have to say, I was really challenged to their design. Mutya is working in a bank so she wanted a cheque book for her invites. But that's not the challenging part... it's the emboss... but gladly, I was motivated and I was able to figure it out and delivered it well.

I'm so glad they loved their invite so much because I sure did love making it. I have to say, I'm thankful for this couple because I used to decline emboss inquiries since it's very labor intensive. But now, Artisan is all ready for emboss invites...

Few weeks after, Mutya's office mate went to the studio to check out our design. I hope to see her again anytime soon... Go visit our studio anytime so you can also see our creative and unique designs for your wedding details.


  1. haha! very nice april! love how they've turned out! just beautiful!



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