Saturday, February 27, 2010

my etsy shop

I got to know this shop way back before when I was watching Martha Stewart show and they were making dolls. and the guest was a high seller on this site and it's all over the world. So I got intrigued and of course I checked it out. It was a bit complicated at first. Until I realized it was like an ebay or amazon but it's all about handmade... oooh it's heaven.

So part of my 2010 wish list was to put up my own simple website or opening an account in etsy. And I chose the easier one... opening an account. hahaha and little by little I was able to set it up. Although it's not that complete yet... But just now I was able to make my banner and filled-out all the policies and other necessary information to set up my etsy shop.

Here's my etsy shop!

I haven't sold anything yet. I'm still planning to overhaul my items for 2010. I wish I can do them faster. But what really excites me most is I get to meet new friends. I get so inspired with their work, and all the more my crafty brain is working...

There are only few sellers from the Philippines there. If you're one of them, please do let me know, I wanna make more friends.


  1. wow sosyal ka na tlga gang..:) in dollar form ka na..hehe..:)

  2. Congrats! Nagkuha kag Paypal for this? Teach me. :)

  3. hi lorra... thanks... actually i signed up for paypal acct , some said you can open an account in union bank to link the acct to paypal. but haven't tried it yet! hehehe do you have an etsy acct na?


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