Friday, February 26, 2010

Cherry blossoms and all that

This is a long due post actually... but even so, I'm still very much excited sharing this to inspire anyone specially for those who are getting married.

A friend of mine Florence who owned Occasions is one of my fave clients. It seems that we both have the same crafty ideas. And if you can she her decorations... oooh they are so lovely! (go check their site)

Anyway, these are one of her ideas... she wanted a personalized iced tea labels. with matching table number sticks and set of coasters.

It's so cliche when I say "I enjoy making these designs." But what can I say, I love my job! I love what I do... I make crafty things and designs and people also love what I do for them... who wouldn't love that, right?

These are arizona blueberry iced tea, we're selling these at yellow hauz. (note: they are ready to drink)

This table number stick is so easy to make. (note: sorry folks plant not included, but if you wish to have a plant with your settings then I would be happy to design that for you)


  1. wow your blogs are doing better and better...i love the way you shoot your has a certain look which makes your products really come out at it's best! and oh, i love cherry blossoms...and the ARIZONA TEA..(do i get free bottleS?)

  2. thanks G. go visit me in yellow hauz, then maybe, jst maybe hehehe i can treat you for a bottle of arizona... hehehe


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