Friday, February 4, 2011

Printable: Valentine garland

Do you already have plans for Valentines day? If you're thinking of having a small party or maybe planning a surprise dinner for your special someone, this Valentine garland might help you decorate your ambiance. 

This is my new window display for February. In time for the Valentine season. And I'm definitely sharing it with you. 

I arranged 3 printable sheets for you. Simply click the links: Valentine garland1, Valentine garland2,  Valentine garland3.

How to do it:
     • Simply download and print the garlands and cut time using your trusty scissors. You can either cut them thru the outline or add a little white space as your border.
     • Stick the cut-out hearts onto a thin lace. Base the size of your lace on the space you wanted to hang it on. Make at least 3 sets of lace.
     • Hang the lace with hearts on to the wall. You can place them in straight line or same with what I did, one in straight line and the other 2 crisscross with each other. 

I hope this will make the mood more romantic and sweet... 

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