Saturday, January 29, 2011

Travel bag tags

Few more days from now, I'll be leaving with the Portraits Unlimited Studio team for our yearly MGC school photo shoot in Manila. Although, the team will be a little fewer this time compared last year. I'm still hoping it's still going to be fun. Anyway, I've been thinking if I should pack up my things now since this coming week might be a little hectic for me... 

So I totally remember, we've been making these cute bag tags that will definitely match my new luggage. I can't believe I almost forgot about that. 

These travel bag tags are really sturdy. It's made of PVC cards, same material and size with credit cards. And the string is made of rubber. We can print colored design at the front and your details with black print at the back. Or we can do everything at the front. 

{The designs are for my friend Tel-tel}.
I'll show you next time what I did for myself. This is gonna be helpful since after are shoot in Manila, my family and I will be going to Bangkok, Thailand. So this travel bag tags will surely secure my luggage... and oh, you can also use this for you kid's school bag {how cute is that?}

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