Saturday, January 29, 2011

Printable File Box labels

It's a gloomy Sunday and it turned out to be cold one as the rain starts to pour. I'm sooo loving this kind of weather. But I'm experiencing this weather in our Studio. Yup! We're working on a Sunday. Sorry for those who will hate me for that. I'm trying to take this day a time-off but since I'll be leaving for almost 2 weeks, I have to finish most of my goals before February welcomes us.

So, I've checked one item from my goal's list: and its labeling those lonely file boxes on my library {hahaha I can totally hear Martha Stewart clapping her hands for this idea, I know how she is so into labeling everything}. And I totally agree on this. My sister laughs every time she sees my library, because I even cover the boxes so it will match our office {and I think it's totally cute}.

I'm feeling so generous these past few days, as you can see I had a calendar giveaway, links for printable wrapper and gift tags. And so, I will be ending this week with another printable for your boxes. So not only my boxes will feel loved but yours as well. But seriously, this is just actually my personal thing. If you're a little OC like me then you would understand that those boxes with labels will actually suffice your eyes as you looked at them, right? hahaha

Simply click the link to download: Printable File Box labels
• Use 8x11in white sticker paper.
• Silver color pen for handwritten.
• You can either put a text using your favorite fonts before you print them or you can print them and handwritten your notes. 

• If you're comfortable using your editing softwares like Photoshop then, you'll probably choose the first option. I normally check my fonts from Dafont. Very helpful since you can download them whether your a Windows and Mac user.
• But if you have nice penmanship, then I would suggest to print it right away and customized it with your handwriting. Don't forget to use Silver or metallic pens so your labels can be seen from the black background.
• You can also use ordinary white paper for print and then just stick them with a glue stick afterwards.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have tried it yourself. I wanna know how you did yours...

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