Friday, August 20, 2010

Lilaq in Neverland

Oh my! I hate to say this but this is another over long due designs I made. I realized, it's so hard to blog about my work if you know the person might read this... {hehe, hello Tel2, sorry for the delay, hehe!}

Few months ago, Christelle, a friend of mine, set a meeting for her baby Lilaq's first birthday. We were just chatting and brainstorming for ideas for the invites and she wanted something unique and pop-up. So, I got excited because I wanted to try something different for pop-up invites, the folded-style. So this could be a chance to try that style.

Then few months after, when were finalizing her invites, she came up with few ideas that excites me even more. She wanted to pair it with treasure boxes and coloring books. {A treasure box you say? Ay-ay captain! Now that's interesting! lol}

So here are the designs of the whole package I came up with. 

Lilaq's pop-up invite with glitters and silver string...

The Tinkerbelle treasure box, filled with yummy goodies. 

And the coloring book...

I also added gift tags for the kids.

And they also availed the Studio booth from Portraits Unlimited Studio. Here's their cute photo print and their customized dvd copy. 

Too bad, we weren't able to attend Lilaq's birthday, because we were in Cagayan for a wedding. It could have been my first Neverland party. I was so amazed with the outcome of the place as I looked at the photos. It truly looked like a magical place. And the goodies... oh my goodness... I'm so jealous. {Photos courtesy of Christelle/Portraits Studio}

And the birthday girl Lilaq and her daddy Putoy and Mommy Christelle
I was so glad because Christelle was so happy with all my designs. She even emailed me that she enjoys reading my blog. {Weee! got 2 more readers now aside from my sister, hehehe} Well definitely enjoyed designing this theme. Specially the treasure box and the invites. Oh I will never get tired of saying how I love my job! 

{Until next event Tel, hehe... hopefully next year again, hahaha}


  1. so nice pril! :) professionally done!


  2. @ria thank you ria... thanks for dropping by

    @rochelle thanks rochelle. i appreciate the comment... =)


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