Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend meeting

Photo taken from Pearl Farm, after our weekend meeting.

The week has just started but my hands are quite full for the past few days. I was a bit feeling lazy but apparently, there's no room for that for now. However, there are so many good things happened over the past days.

First of, Heintje, my partner from Portraits Studio and I, had a meeting with Pearl Farm's manager, sir Benjie, at the resort itself. Ahhh, being there makes me feel so lazy already that I just want to stay there and sleep all day. Anyway, I was excited about this meeting because we we're able to work with them last year for their AVP and we were hoping we'll get another similar project . Thankfully, the meeting went well and they want us to make another AVP and a 30-seconder commercial for them. {Woohooo!} Sir Benjie was also asking if I can be a consultant for their coffeeshop maybe later this year. {Another woohoo!}

Things have been very great. Today, I had an applicant, whom I think kinda fits my requirements. And she'll be starting a minor training this Thursday.

Another thing is, the outdoor renovation for Yellow Hauz is almost done now. Earlier today, the architects showed me their proposed design for the interiors, which I have to show to my sister, Miss Vanilla first. {lol}

We had few good feedbacks from new and old exhibitors in our event this December, the White Christmas Bazaar. And hopefully we can settle the deal with our benefactor this year, which I am very much excited to share it with you {you'll definitely get excited with this one}.

But one thing that I wasn't able to do much is updating my Etsy shop and my Multiply site. It's so hard to  update with all my deadline designs. Although, my new designs now are really making me giddy about it. I have a 3d invite barnhouse design ordered from Manila. {I can't wait to share that}.

And lastly, I just joined an e-course for blogging from decor8 which will start next month and will last for a month. I am looking forward to it, it feels like going back to school, the techi way.

So anyway, another day tomorrow and hopefully, I can catch up with my deadlines and tone down my excitement... Goodnight everyone!

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