Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scrapbook the modern way

I am way too far in being a mom but I know I will be in the future. Whether I'm a mom or not, I know how important it is for a mom to keep all the photos as much as possible. And I know if your a mom, time can be very demanding. 

So let the Artisan help you do the photo keeping for you. We will make it into a digital scrapbooks. Oh yes! Even scrapbooks are keeping up with the technology and the generation nowadays. We will remove all the hassles of pasting and cutting for you. Although scrapbooking can actually be fun and stress reliever, but if you don't have time for those things anymore, who said, you still can't have a scrapbook of your own, right?

Here's scrapbook we made from the 1st month until 11month photo of Sam. You see, it is still like the traditional scrapbook with more permanent embellishments and with more variety of designs. We are using a #220gsm white acid free cardstock paper, so you are assured that you can still show this to your kids when they grow up. The cover is cold-laminated and it has 20-full color pages. All you have to do is give us your photos and we will do the rest for you... 

Now I'm sure that's a lot time saving for you and more memory to keep... =)

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