Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New friend and newly Wed

You know one of the good things about my job is meeting new friends. 

You see few months ago, I got a sweet message in Facebook from a sweet girl named, Rochelle. It was the very first time I got a note like that. She saw my site from one of my client's customized planners. And when she checked my sites then started a friendship. I was smiling the whole time I was reading it. Because I normally do that with other bloggers that inspire me and I can't imagine I got one too... =) Well, she mentioned how she likes my works, and she's also into crafts. 

And so, we had few conversations over facebook, and we became friends {I presume, lol}. Funny thing was she realized we had a common friend. What a small world, right! It's always nice to meet new friends. Apparently, Rochelle is from Manila, Ahh too bad we couldn't bond and share crafty things in person. 

Anyway, this newly friend I had is getting married {well, so sorry for another over long due photos, they got married actually}. And she wanted to have her guestbooks and gifts for the entourage made from Artisan. {Yey! I am very much honored with the thought of it}. 

Here's what we came up with... 

Gladly she texted me as she got her items and she likes it. But the best part is, I gained a new friend. Anyway weeks after, she emailed me with this super nice misalettes. {Well done Rochelle, its really cute! I'll sure read the mass ceremony with this one}.
{p.s. I really had a hard time writing this one. Conscious I guess that she might read this, hahaha. I think she would - Hi, Rochelle!} 

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  1. glad i read your blogs. hehe thanks for this, pril. :) flattered to know someone blogged about me. and you of all people na kinoconsider kong inspiration! :)

    like i always say, great work! highly recommended. :)



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