Friday, June 24, 2011

Leewee + Judy

I have to admit... it's really hard to write something for someone you know. I don't know if you feel the same way, but I feel conscious about it. Thinking they might read it and what they may think about what you write. Good thing, I am not a journalist or a profesional writer.

Anyway, a friend since high-school named Noche referred his brother, Leewee and fiancé, Judy to my little studio for their wedding invitation. The theme was garden or zen but they wanted to have a formal feel for their invites. I truly feel honor to design this for them. And speaking of honor, this couple are actually lawyers. Cool huh?!

The invitation was a folded envelope with a pocket inside for the other cards. The main card was attached to the envelope and the Principal Sponsors and Entourage, with a small R.S.V.P. card were inserted in the pocket.

This was my first draft. Printed envelope and 3 separate cards with a monogram seal.
This is the look of the envelope, front and back... 
And the overall look of the invitation. Zen theme with moss green and brown for the motif.
However, the bride wanted a simplier style. So we removed the design of the envelope except for the brown flap and changed it to gold metallic instead. The illusion of the belt on the first draft wast retained, but with a real attachment already with monogram seal and guest's box as one. 
Inside look and the belt. 

We also added white rhinestone on the florals {unfortunately, not shown in the photo}. The belt on the other hand was my favorite. I think it gave a unique feel rather than using the usual monogram seal. What do you think?


  1. I love it!! :) Very pretty and elegant. Definitely fit for successful professionals. :) Nice one, Pril. Hay, I miss my wedding planning days and being an OC bridezilla. haha

  2. gorgeous invites! i love its delicate oriental vibe.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Basically exactly what I want to do for my invites. Would you do it again?!


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