Thursday, June 30, 2011

Snail mail swap

Snail mail never fails to put a smile on my face... and when one of my daily blog reads, Creative Collection, organized a swap like this, when I read about it, can you imagine how big my smile was? 

Anyway, I just thought, I'd share what I sent to my 3 partners. I prepared some paper goodies like postcard, gift tags with twines and book plates, all handmade from my Etsy store. Then I wrapped it with doily and a ribbon. 
I really hope that this parcel will make my partners smile like how I feel every time I received one. 


  1. Super like! Its really a nice feeling to receive a snail mail esp with contents like that, who would wouldn't! :) Too bad for me, post office is quite far & a pain dealing with staff & all that's why I never got to join swaps. =( if only FedEx or LBC is cheap....

  2. Pretty!! :) I'm sure they'd be smiling wide! That's a cute doily, Pril! Where do you buy doilies? I've been looking for doilies for weeks!

  3. Thank you Airees for dropping by... I know right? LBC and FedEx is soo expensive. Post Office may be cheaper but the service is really bad I tell you. I have packages that were lost already. boo!

    Rochelle sweetie, I bought in a local store here. They sell cake supplies. But I was able to buy there in Market2 before at a very cheap price. Try looking at their grocery. That was last year though...

  4. Hi April!

    I received my gorgeous parcel in the post and love it!

    The bookplates are my favourite!

    Thanks so much!



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