About Thoughts of Artisan
I started Thoughts of Artisan late last year, October 2009, when I was surfing over the internet looking for an inspiration, when I came across lovely blogs, Chelle Paperie, to be exact. I got hooked up reading her work and her stories. Then finally I had the courage to set-up my own.

This is like a creative outlet for me... a place where I share all the designs I make in my studio and sometimes what's happening in my life. Though my life may be a bit boring but I do hope you'll get inspired with my work instead, lol.

About Artisan Design Studio
This my little studio... just beside our house and our coffee shop. What we do, is we print about anything  on paper yet {hopefully on other materials next time}. I also incorporate my designs with crafting... it's all fun! It's like a modern Martha Stewart {lol, I wish}. But my specialty is printed papers like invitations, notebooks, planners, coasters, calendars oh anything paper I tell you. Just give me my laptop and I'll make something out of that paper and print it with a design. You can view my other work in my multiply site.

I remember when I was still in high-school, I used to print personalized book stickers and stationeries and sell them to my classmates. I never thought I could have pursued that same creative line at present time.

About the Artisan
So you've read about my blog and my studio and now it's about me. Hello there! My name is April. I'm 27-years old and I live in the Philippines. I want to believe I'm an artist in my own little way. I wanted to learn how to draw and paint but I was drawn to the digital world instead.

My family specially my dad had a big influenced on me that's why I had a degree in Management Accounting. However, I always have a love for art and so I took up short courses about Designing, Photoshop and Photography and even a Barista class.
I believe I always had the entrepreneurial skills even before. I used to sell bead accessories {Cute as can Bead} at the bazaars when I was still in college. And I franchised a small organic body care line {Victoria Tea Trea and Oil} after I graduated. 

But as of today,  I co-owned and manage a coffee shop named Coffee at Yellow Hauz with my sister Sandy {that's why I took up Barista class}, just below our house. Can you imagine, a house with a coffee shop below and a studio beside it? {It's fun and convenient, lol}

I'm glad you dropped by... I hope you'll have fun... because you are about to read all about my designs, what I do in the studio, my inspirations, and my usual everyday routine... an artisan life... =)


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