Monday, October 12, 2009

first time blogger...

shocks! it may sound embarrassing but i used to be a "blog illiterate" (if there's such a thing) i remember i asked my sister way back before: "what's a blog?" (*now blushing*) then, as i've learned what it was all about i found it very unusual. and somehow admire bloggers for having such time to type and post their thoughts.

although, i do write sometimes, specially if i am sad or down, but it was just in my journal, where no one can read. then suddenly, a huge desire to have my own blog account.

i was so inspired with my the sites/blogs i came across that is also inclined with the same work i do... such as (; and from there... i wanted to have a blog of my own...

so that's the story of a "blog illiterate"... hopefully i can also inspire you from my own thoughts...

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