Sunday, June 19, 2011

Black and White is classic

I normally design cute themes for the Debut invitations, such as: fairies, angels, butterflies or simply colored motifs. But this time, it's different! A classic design for a young lady.

Who would have thought, this young beautiful lady named Miranda wanted her debut to be classic. A black and white theme... simple yet elegant is what I can describe about the design I made for her. See for yourself...

The invitation consists of 4 cards with 5x7-inch size. The main card is printed on a #220gsm glossy paper with metallic silver on all corners. Her photo was at the front and the event details was the back. The other 3 cards were the 18 roses, candles and treasures, printed on a parchment paper to give a silhouet feel. The envelope was also a parchment paper. 

It may be an unusual theme, but somehow, it stands out from our portfolio. Since it's classic and different. 


  1. this is nice. is the one with the photo printed in parchment too?

  2. Hello Julienne... thanks for asking, the photo was not printed on parchment. It's on a #220 glossy paper. Then we just added the metallic silver on ends.


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