Sunday, April 3, 2011

April is here...

I can't believe April is here on its 3rd day, to be exact. Where did all the days go? {I think I've been asking the same questions every start of the month, LOL}

On the other hand, this month is my favorite because as my name says... April... it's my birthday month. Yup! I'll be turning a year older this 14. There will be no big party, not even a plan. But I'm planning to have a giveaway on my blog... I'm not sure what would that be, but I'm feeling a little generous. So, go check on my multiply and etsy on what item you would want to receive.

I'm also evaluating my goals... in my personal life, studio, coffeeshop, even in my blog. I'm trying to focus with my goals so I would know where I'm actually going... it's kinda hard especially I'm the type of person who wanted to try almost everything. Technically, I have so many goals. So, I'm really confuse what to focus on.

In the meantime, let's chill our minds with my favorite e-magazine. I love online magazine, I mean who doesn't, right? They are free and full of inspiring things.

Let's start of with Sweet Paul Spring 2011 issue. They talk about styling your party, giving yummy recipes, featuring great artists and handmade crafts. Just more than enough to fuel up your creativity. Check their other issues and their blog too...

Next in my fave list is the Nonpareil Magazine issue 8. This one is more about weddings and other parties. Table settings, DIY party handcrafts and beautiful party themes. What I love most is they also added some downloadable prints from one of their projects so you can also use it in your own party. Their blog is also superb.

Lastly, I saw it via Sweet Tidings. It's called Styled mag. Same as the last two, they also have DIY projects, recipes and beautiful photographs. Their blog will continue to inspire you with more lovely things. 

I hope you'll enjoy reading the e-magazines and their blogs. Happy Sunday everyone. 


  1. i love the links! thanks for them, i cant wait to start on some of their DIY projects. =)

  2. Hello April, Advance Happy Birthday! Thanks for the chance to win a blog giveaway. I wish to receive Sachi's Handbag.

  3. Hello Krizann and Katherine... thanks for dropping by... =)

  4. i love Sweet Paul! It's my 2nd fave mG after Martha Stewart Living.


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