Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Book plate preview

My cousin told me yesterday that I have a fixation with old things... hmmm, I don't know about that... let me evaluate myself. Been searching for a nice typewriter {on a very techi generation}, recently had an old bicycle silver pendant, bought a Jazz CD. And just yesterday, I finished the designs for my new items in Etsy. The "back in the old days" collection bookplates. I think my cousin was wrong... I don't have a fixation with old things... I totally love the old things... LOL.

Tomorrow, we'll have a sample print for these uber cute "back in the days" bookplate designs, which will be available very soon...
I can't believe how addicted I am with the old era. I used to say that I am an old soul... hahaha if there's such thing. 

Anyway, I can totally feel the excitement seeing these bookplates off the printer. Will show it right away, once they're ready for sale... 

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