Saturday, August 14, 2010

package package package!

Yesterday, I was surprised with a lovely package as I got home. {Well ok, I kinda knew about it since one of our crew in the coffee shop called up to let me know that I have a package, bummer! lol} 

Ooooh! I so love packages. Who doesn't? Specially if it's loaded with cute paper goodies. Remember, before I left for Manila, I posted about me joining a Stationery swap by Calico and Co.?

Oh, I was so excited as I was opening it. I showed it with my sister, Miss Vanilla, right away because I'm very sure she will be very jealous about it, lol. Seriously, as I opened my package, it feels like I'm a kid opening a christmas present. And I was so happy to see all these paper goods inside. I have a new notebook, notepad, gift cards and tags, stationery and a sweet note from Jorpin. {Thank you so much Jorpin for the cute package you gave me... I love them all!}

Oh, I'm definitely gonna join the next stationery swap... =)


  1. Oh I am so glad you love everything - I had a lot of fun putting it all together. I feel honored to have my little stationary package featured on your lovely blog! Thank you :)

  2. wow super nice naman gang lalo na yung journal..:)kainggit..:)

  3. @ejorpin you're most welcome... you know what's funny, I saw your comment before in swapbot saying your staying in korea, and I was wishing I'll be your partner because I know Korea has one of the cutest stuffs in the world... =)

    @eulita try to join next time girl... its really fun, though you have to spend for the shipping and items. but overall its really fun


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