Thursday, August 12, 2010

Road trip

Alright, this is really intentionally done for my 365 project, or should I say 100 project. 2nd post for that project.

Anyway, Vintage has always been an inspiration to me. So I made my very first vintage effect manipulation and I'm really loving this one...  =) I hope you to do too...

p.s. This is the original photo, so you can see the difference...


  1. i really really really like it gang..:)nice work gang..:)

  2. How did you do it? What camera settings? =)

  3. hi... oh this one is actually edited in photoshop... =)

  4. Wow! Beautiful shot! Comparing the two the 'vintage' style one really adds some atmosphere, lovely soft tones - very nice. Where was it taken?

  5. @thanks ahia... =)

    @ejorpin thank you... this was taken in Samal Island, Philippines. I read on your blog, that you travel quite a lot... come visit here sometime. we have lots of nature scenery. =)


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