Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday blues...

The day started on a gloomy day. And I was thinking to work on our terrace since it was not hot, but ended up working in my room {take note, the whole day!}

I feel lazy and tired. Wanted to rest or do something else aside from designing. Unfortunately, that is not really possible here in our house. Since the coffee shop {Coffee at Yellow Hauz} opens at 8:00am, then studio at 9:00am. Not to mention the renovation going on outside Yellow Hauz. So there's really no privacy. Most of the time, I'm wishing to have my own place. 

Anyway, I'm hoping to finish most of the designs this week so I can concentrate more in Yellow Hauz. But unfortunately, I'm starting to become lazy again. {Bad April!}.

So, one way of relaxing your mind is by looking at nice photos. Inspiring and creative ideas to perk your mind. Maybe at least for me, that's my way of refreshing my mind. Then, I saw an old photo that I edit way back before. If I'm not mistaken, this was inspired from a magazine I saw, and the effect is called Impressionist Art effect {mostly outdoor scenes with vibrant colors}. 

Photo I took from Pearl Farm Resort in Samal
Here's the original photo, without the editing

Hmmm... I was wondering if I can put this in my 365-day project? Yeah I think I'll put this one, lol. Cheating I know, but it falls down to it, so it's still counted. 

Hopefully, will have time to do more photo manipulations. How was your Thursday?

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