Friday, December 25, 2009

365-days project

It's gonna be a new year again... and for the past few days of christmas season, i've been very very lazy... i haven't been doing any designs (*well... there are few that i have to do --- those that are due before this year ends*)

And so... i'm just doing a dvd marathon for the past few days... one series that i've been following is the leverage (it's a comedy, a little bit of action, con artist type movie). then there's i love beth cooper (feel good teenage movie - which i didn't really like). and chuck ( a nerd who turned out to be a spy). but my favorite so far is the julia & julie (a movie about how they love cooking).

I got inspired in this movie...because Julie (the lead character) had a blog and made a 365 days project with 524 recipes to make. (please forgive me if the no. of recipes is incorrect, i have to check it again, i'm not sure if its 264 or something else...)

But the point is... i did a little thinking and its also about having a goal for the next 365 days. though i had my wish list done already, but i think a project for myself is something different or the perfect word will be challenging.

And so the goal is... i will make a 100 design project (lay-out or illustration.
but i have to set rules, and here are the following guidelines:

1. this must not be for a client. it is simply for my own desire to practice!

2. i must always try to use or make a different style from my usual design, or just simply something different and nice.

3. can be graphical, illustration or typographical (so long its for the sake of this project)

4. the design must be post a day or two after it is done.

5. design posted should or must be the final output. (print is not included)

6. lastly... just have fun while doing it!

I do hope this project will be accomplish. 100 designs are a lot! but that is the challenge! and since some may read my blog or not, i publish my plan... so therefore i have to really really finish it.

i will post my designs soon as i finish it (ow its in the guidelines, so i guess i really have to). i do pray this will turn out well... =)

ta-ta for now!

p.s. if your in-love with vintage set-up like me, you have to watch it. the set-up is so inspiring...

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  1. how's this plan coming, pril? magdedecember na! hehe



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