Friday, April 2, 2010

lomography love

I am converted! Not to any kind of religion but to a different kind of camera!

It's Lomography... ooh how I LOOOOVE the vintage looking photos... they are just so adorable!

I've been wanting to buy a lomo camera for my birthday, but I'm still thinking what kind. And of course I'm still budgeting my finaces, hehe.

But I think my heart is calling out for Diana. I love the look of it and the effects it produces... just perfect for my style. (oooh Diana! lol)

(photos from

You know what's my second love is? It's the old polaroid camera... these two have somewhat the same effects that I want, but unfortunately, since polaroids are as old as granny's old chest, it's very hard to find one. And if you do so, specs and films are the second hard thing to find. So, I'll stick to my first love at the moment, which is the lomo.

Over the past few days I haven't been blogging, I've been obsess in searching of inspirations and researching about lomos and polaroids. And I found a very inspiring photographer who uses polaroid... her name is Grabielle Kai (oh be warned! her photos are so delightful. I've been in love with her photography the moment I saw it, it's like love at first sight!)

(Photos by Gabrielle Kai - click her name above for the link)

Since I do not have a lomo or polaroid camera yet, I manipulated one of my photos to get the lomo effect I wanted. Here's a sample of my lomo effect photo... (more of that in the next few posts)

Oooh I cannot wait to get my hands with you Diana and I will take photos with you... I'll take you to the beach or the nature parks... we will have so much fun!
... until that time...
... but for now, I'll just have to manipulate my photos... =)

Happy weekend end! Enjoy your easter!


  1. Diana talaga name nya gang? or you name the camera agad to Diana?hehehe

    btw love too the inspiration gang..:)

  2. hahaha its really the brand. ..i haven't given it a name yet. i have to see and feel the camera first before i can give it a name hahaha...

  3. oooh the lomo effect is pretty good! and yeah the dianas are sweet, i want one too!!


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