Sunday, March 28, 2010

from miss vanilla

How do you usually spend your Sunday?

Well mine is... a cleaning Sunday for Artisan... We had a bunch of arranging things and removing dusts to do... it's also time to decorate the stuffs I bought for the studio last two months ago.

But the highlight is... I assemble a lampshade... a gift from my beloved sister (cough2) Miss Vanilla. She bought it in Bangkok for me (isn't she sweet? hmmm I hope next time, she'll buy me a laptop, and that would be very very extra ordinary sweet, right sis? hahaha)

Anyway, it was my first time to assemble this, with matching screw here and glue there... It was a bit challenging (oops just a bit, haha), it took me almost an hour just to assemble it. And the best part is I think my inner carpentry skills has finally let loose. NOT! hahaha I couldn't even do it right. It was very uneven, but it's our little secret. hahaha...

And here's my new cute paper lampshade! (see I told you, you won't notice it's uneven)

And I'm enjoying it now in my studio table...

So how was your Sunday so far?


  1. i like this gang..:) especially the cleaning part..hahah joke..;p

  2. hahaha... yah i know... i was actually thinking of you when i was cleaning...hmmm i should have called you up today hahaha

  3. my gift is so beautiful, like me! hehehe


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