Thursday, March 25, 2010

an ode to tatang

I want you to Meet Tatang (my favorite laptop):

Tatang... a 15-in MacBook Pro with whatever features.

The name is derived from a filipino term for an old guy! Because tatang is very old laptop as to speak, I stop counting years already... I think it was used for almost 4years before I bought it, and I'm using it for almost 2years now, can you now imagine how old it is?

And lately tatang is really showing of its old age syndromes... one thing is... its making so much noise everytime I use it. It's like Tatang has an asthma and a nebulizer (or a fan in techi term) is always needed... and it gets soooo hot as if it has a fever... not to mention tatang been to a lot of operations already... dvd and fire wire is not functioning already and battery had been replaced. Imagine how many times we tried fixing it...very poor tatang!

But nonetheless, I will never ever replaced tatang to a newer one. We've been through a lot together (lol) and techinically, I worked all my designs and projects with it... (oh the bonding we had)

Though I would want to buy tatang a wifey... an iMac maybe... someday hahaha... so technically, tatang is still not been replaced since it would be a desktop. hahaha...

Anyway, to disguise Tatang from his age, I put a very cute sticker on the track pad , which adds to its antique but chic look... hahaha (Check out the japanese couple track pad sticker. How cute is that?) I bought that from Portraits Studio way back before they still had a store in the mall... Now I'm wondering where can I buy that again and a cover up sticker for laptop? Does anyone know?

So there! That's my Tatang! What's your laptop story?

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your weekend! =)


  1. My laptop is Freddie, like freddie kruger! =) I also love him to bits even though the side of it has a cracked already! Macs are really for long term relationships. hehehehe =)

  2. true indeed that macs are for long term relationships... hahaha


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