Friday, January 1, 2010

Its a draw!

It's 2010... happy new year everyone!
And so as the year started... i'm so excited to know and share whatever new things in stored for artisan. however for the meantime... let me share first the things i love most and what i want to have or happen this year. it's like a wish list! but it's a "series wish list", so you won't get bored reading a very long blog! =)

First stop... i love writing and sketching... i have a planner and a notebook wherever i go... and this had been my tradition for years now. these are few of the things i can't live without. and another thing that i like tagging along with me is my sketchbook... some call it journal, notebook... etc. but for me its sketchbook... this is where i write or draw my plans or designs... this is where my dreams are formulated (okay... maybe that's over the top now, hahaha)

Here's my hand-made sketchbook... stick people are also my drawing...

Photo below is my sketch for my studio... i named my company before as tala-larawan (photo album in english).
here's my first hand-made notebook... (doodles from photoshop brush)
And artisan is happy to create a sketchbook for some people. this is where they're gonna write their thoughts or whatever that inspires them...

Here are few of the sketchbooks we made for our clients...
(from left: this one is for joy... she loves to write... and this will be her journal --- happy writing joy;
right: is for her daughter...)
(left: this one is made for lisa, a friend of mine... she loves to draw and design... happy sketching lisa...
right: this one is my gift for my cousin, danie. she also likes to draw... hopefully, she'll have time to draw again)
and here's my planner for this year... it was given to me by Heintje! (he owns Portraits)... i know, i know... even though i owned yellow hauz (a local coffeeshop in davao city), well we don't have a planner. haha although i've thought of making one for myself... but shocks its so tedious. so i've decided to stick with ready-made planners! plus its a gift!
I hope this year will be full of inspiring things... whether it's a design, place or people... i wish everyone will have an inspiring year as well... happy new year everyone!

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