Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lomo Postcards

The hardest part in posting my items in my shop is actually taking photos... so far, I never had problems on what to write about but instead, the reason behind for my delay posts is actually the photos...

So today, I really tried to update my Etsy shop. Finally, I took photos of my latest items for my shop. Hope you'll like my new items...

Recently from my travels, I had an appreciation for postcards.... I enjoyed buying from the stores and collecting postcards from my swap-bot partners. Then came a new collection for my postcard. Apart from my vintage designs. This time, I incorporate my photos with it... I now have a Lomo set postcards.

In a set you'll find 4 lomo photos from my trips to Samal island and General Santos City. Nature is such my favorite subject. My favorite photo is the one with the pot, how about you?

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