Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! But here in the Philippines {and I believed most Christians}, we are celebrating a holy week since last Thursday.

My family missed the traditions this year. We used to visit churches in the evening, go to Shrine, attend masses and all the other rituals. However, this year, we didn't do any of those...

But on the other hand, it was my mom's birthday yesterday, we just celebrated it by eating fish and stayed in the house the whole day, so no birthday tradition either. But there's one tradition in my father's side that we didn't missed, and that is the Binalay. A native kakanin, made by my lolo during this time of the season {hope to get a photo of this delicious kakanin}.

Anyway, as part of celebrating easter, I wanted to share a downloadable template/s that has multi-purposes. The first one can be use as menu label, name plate for your guests or even a gift tag. The second one can be a cupcake toppers and gift tags too.

Simply download them here: Easter 1, Easter 2.

Since the studio was closed for the Holy week, I was not able to print them my own and take a photo of it. But I would definitely love to see what you came up with it... 

Note: My printable templates are FREE for personal use only. It would be an honor if you want to use my designs or photos to include in your own projects/blogs, However, please be kind enough to give credit and link it back to my blog.  I would appreciate that very much. =)

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