Thursday, April 21, 2011

It was my birthday!

Oh! I'm such a very bad blog author, and I'm truly sorry for that. As much as I wanted to update my blog, I would normally rest. And from that thought, I really applaud my favorite blog authors. I know now why they have a lot of readers and sponsors, and that's because they really put time and effort on it. But enough about my lack of posting, and more of what happened.

Last April 14th, I celebrated my birthday... my 27th birthday to be exact. Yes folks, another awesome year for me. I'm truly thankful for all the blessings I have, for the people who surrounds me with love and for everything I've achieved. I know, this year is gonna be great! More blessings and achievements to come!

That day, I never really thought it would be filled with surprises and warm greetings from my facebook account. Since I didn't plan for any party, I just thought, I would be spending it quietly. But that day was amazing...

First, my family tradition would always start our birthdays with a mass and have breakfast. But since my sister was in Manila, it was just me and my mom who celebrated the tradition.

Then we visited my grandma and grandpa. My lola is the sweetest! She would always remember the birthdays in the family. She never fails to call the celebrant in the morning, and cook noodles in their house for long life even if she won't see the birthday celebrant. So this time, I visited them for a change, bought congee. I can really see how happy they are to see me, and I was also happy to see them.

Then when I went back in the studio to start working, my Artisan girls surprised me with sweet notes with Spongebob posted in my office. I didn't expected that at all and I was really touched by it.

Apart from their letters, they also gave me slippers. They also bought for themselves and we all have the same design. 
But it was in the afternoon that was really the dramatic. My mom told me to stay in the office because one of our suppliers will be need my signature. And so I did wait! When my crew called me up telling me the supplier was already waiting in Yellow Hauz, I brought my pen with me and ready to sign those papers. Surprisingly, it was my friend Che, who was waiting for me carrying a balloon inside the VIP room, and as I get closer to her, my sister was standing at her back carrying my all time favorite cake from Bistro, the Blueberry Charlotte. It really made me cry, because I didn't expect that my sister would actually go home for my birthday... {if you're reading this, I'm saying "ahhh... you truly love me!" LOL}
It was actually their third birthday surprise for me. Last year, the emotion was also intense since I thought there was a burglar in my studio. That was also a funny story. But this year, it was drama, because they made me cry, hahaha... They always tease me that I'm so gullible and easy to surprise with. True indeed!

But the surprises didn't stop there yet. In the middle of our chit-chatting, the Yellow Hauz crew suddenly went inside and surprised me with flowers. That was also unexpected... and I was really happy about it. 
And there... the day was filled with an overwhelming feeling, that I thought would be just an ordinary day for me. That's why I can say that this year would definitely be filled with more surprises, in career or love life maybe. Who knows right? 

Thank you so much Mama, Sandy and Che for the wonderful surprise. For my Artisan girls and Yellow Hauz crew for making me feel I'm the luckiest boss in the world. If papa was still around, I could say, I wouldn't ask for anything more. But I know he's looking down on us and smiling. Hence, it was an amazing day for me!

I hope you had fun reading about my birthday... =)

P.S. I know it was a long post... I'm trying to make up from the late update. By the way, the giveaway is still on. I just have to take photos of the items to be given away... 


  1. awwwwwwww! You are the best person to surprise coz ur so gullible! Lol, but we super love your reaction, love yah sis! hehehe

  2. Happy birthday April! Thank you for being generous! :)

  3. Awww.. So much love from so many people, Pril. :) It was a HAPPY birthday indeed! Belated happy birthday and thanks for the story! I loved it. ;)

  4. April, napaka-happy naman ng birthday mo! Na-excite din ako habang binabasa ko post mo, feeling ko nagbi-birthday din ako ha ha! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

  5. Hello sweet April! Belated happy birthday to you. May all good things be yours!

  6. Yes! it was indeed a happy birthday... and all your comments made me happier... =)


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