Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Madness

It's a Friday and it's a start of the weekend bazaars here... {panic mode! literally. Somebody please freeze the time!}

Anyway, I spent my afternoon taking photos for I Can Serve Foundation auction items for the White Christmas Bazaar, then my items also for the bazaar and for my Etsy shop. And I'm using my new light box. I was thinking of making a DIY light box before but I don't think I still have time for that. And it's a good thing I just bought one because I love it. It's very portable and very good quality.

Anyway, the studio is busy as usual and very very messy... we have to finish 3 wedding invites before next weekends bazaar {at Davao Convention} so I can prepare my paper goods. 

On the other side of my life, which is my personal life... I'm starting to be a little worried about my weight for the past few months... and last night I was browsing my photos from our previous travels and OMG, I can truly see the difference. So, from now on, I'm eating less and healthy. 

So I bought fresh fruits and packed them in a container so anytime I get hungry I have a snack. I got this idea from Taiwan, a store called Eat to Go. Their selling fresh fruits and salads on the go. 

So I'm back to work now... will be visiting the Marco Polo Bazaar with Che and Sandy later... have a fun Friday...


  1. Great light box (I have been meaning to create my own .. with white foam board), thanks for showing ur behidn the scene lightbox :) As for weigh .. me too! in US we have the holiday of Thanksgiving (a lot of eating), so I have actually been dieting so I can eat ALOT that day .. and every even yummy dish, then it's GYM time for me :) On a side note, I was introduced to ur blog from Decor8 course we took together. I look fwd to staying in touch via blogs.

  2. hello Ada... i enjoyed reading your comment... I wish we can also experience the Thanksgiving tradition here in the Philippines.


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