Thursday, December 16, 2010

Behind White Christmas

Last year, my sister, Sandy {Miss Vanilla}, friend Chiche {Aparché, Caramel apples} and I {Artisan} started joking around about organizing a bazaar since we wanted to bring back the memories from our college days where we found unique items during christmas season.

December of last year, that conversation which started from a joke... came true. 

We never thought we were able to pull it through. None of us had the experience from organizing such event except merely joining bazaars. It was really a big event for the three of us... but with God's grace, we are now celebrating our second year with more fun and exciting booths to showcase.

Yup! It's the second season of White Christmas Bazaar still at the Garden Oases Convention Center. It was last December 3-5. You've probably heard it from the radio or read it over and over again from my previous posts and print ads. We definitely made too much noise about it, hahaha.
Photo from StudioBooth

Who would have thought, 3 years ago while joining the christmas bazaar at DavCon, by accident or fate, my sister and I shared our booth to the girl who sells caramel apples {which I got so addicted to since I started joining the bazaars}.

And now, we are organizing our own bazaar... the White Christmas Affair... but most of all, we are not only sharing a booth but a lasting friendship as well. 

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