Saturday, March 12, 2011

New: Notepad set

We have a new kind of notepad set, with two different sizes. 1 set of 1/2 size with 40sheets and 2 sets with 80sheets for the 1/4 size.

And the best of it all, we can customized it... from the cover to the notepad sheets. Theme, photo or whatever color you wish... Don't you just love it? Very classic and chic right?


  1. So pretty. The colors are so sweet!

  2. What gorgeous stationary, April. It is classic and chic.

  3. These are gorgeous!!!! <3 What printer do you use for your work? One of my ultimate dreams is to have my own stationery/printing business. Hehe!

  4. Thank you you all for dropping by... =)
    @Anna - I'm using a laser printer...


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