Saturday, March 12, 2011

Casino Baby!

I'm back again... I know I've been going in and out of town recently. But so far that's just about it,  LOL. But I can't promise though... 

So our Macau trip was sooo much fun! Don't be fooled with my title post though. So it was fun because it means cold weather for me. Of course, the company too but cold weather for me = good mood, LOL. So therefore I really fun!

Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos of our trip... We call ourselves BBG for some non-sense reason. And now it has a sense... BBG for Blackberry Bold Girls, LOL. Just a childish thing of us...

First day tour... Left: Che and Sandy. Right: Che and Me in Senado
Left: The three of us in Senado again.
Right: City of Dreams Casino {we didn't play though, too bad!}
Left: Pigging out with my sister with these yummy cakes and milk tea!
Right: Opening my new gadget {Blackberry Bold, I'm totally part of the BBG! And 2pcs. HD with 1TB for files, woohoo!}. Ordered it in Canada through Sandy's boyfriend. 
Chilling in Venetian's Starbucks. Shotting water, LOL!
As you can see my sister is always present in the picture. She doesn't volunteer much to take photos, hahaha. Bad sister, bad!
Lovely view outside Venetian Hotel
Dinner date with my girls in Litoral Restorante. Very yummy! Try their African Chicken with plain rice. {Now I'm hungry...}

I did play in the Casino but the funny part was not in the big hotels, just a small underground looking one inside our hotel, hahaha. But luckily I won 150 from our 100pataca. That's good enough for a Macau casino beginner. 

So 'til next time again girls... it was totally a chilling and fun trip.


  1. looks so much fun! btw, i love your white trench coat! i miss wearing one haha! maybe someday you can visit san francisco too, i'll be glad to give you a tour. feeling close lang haha!

  2. Thank you sweetie... Yeah I love wearing trench coat hahaha... so totally grabbing the opportunity. LOL. Oh wait, you in San Francisco already? I will definitely love that tour... hehehe

  3. Your vacay photos look great. Way to go!

  4. i love wearing trench coats too! kht mabigat ok lang haha! i'm going back to san francisco later this year and stay there for good. if ever you'll get the chance to visit let me know via twitter! =)


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