Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kristoffer and the animals

I think I haven't posted about my first few pop-up invites yet. And I believe this is the best time to post about it, because my previous clients came back again for another special day for their babies. 

First of, I want to show you my very first pop-up invite {the second pop-up we had will be on my next post}. It's a Noah's ark inspired for Kristoffer's baptismal. It may sound cliche, but since it was my first pop-up, of course this was so much fun to make. I remember, Heintje, helped me for tracing these cute animals since I didn't know how to do that yet. And I got excited about this because we just opened few months and we had a client who entrusted us to make this unique invite. 

So few months had past by and Kristoffer is turning one year old. And I was so happy to get an email from Mommy Vanessa telling me she wanted me to make the invites again for her. As always, she gave me the freedom to be creative. Oh this rang a bell in my mind saying, "the possibilities are endless," and you know what happens if I have the freedom? Well, this is what I came up with...
For the baptismal invite, I concentrated more on the main card, but this time, for a change, I put out the creativity on the envelope, and a simple "pull me up" for the main card with a stub card for the giveaways. A simple card inside matches the cute envelope.

And we added nametags of course for the kids as freebies... 

Hopefully, I'll hear from mommy Vanessa again, maybe on Kristoffer's 2nd birhday or a 2nd baby perhaps =)


  1. Very cute tiny animals! This is a nice idea for my baby's birthday, she's turning one in July. Do you draw your own vectors? I find your blog very interesting and inspiring too. :)

  2. Hello... thanks for dropping by... Yes I draw my own vectors but sometimes I based it from another drawing. Let me know if I can be of help on your baby's birthday. =)


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